OK Info & Translation Services offers legal advice by a qualified and practising lawyer. We offer consultations regarding the current legislation of the Netherlands and the European Union. We are specialized, among others, in Dutch administrative law (in particular, immigration law), civil disputes (family law, obligations and contract law), and (international) criminal law.

We would be happy to provide you with legal advice on any immigration-related issues:

  • Application for an MVV visa (long-term visa)
  • Application for and/or renewal of a residence permit
  • Family reunification
  • Study/business immigration
  • Naturalization (citizenship)
  • Consultations on the Dutch Law on Employment of Foreigners
  • Consultations on legislation for EU citizens
  • Appeal procedure in the immigration office (bezwaar) and the court (beroep), a procedure in front of the Supreme Court (ABRvS)

We also advise on family matters, such as:

  • Marriage and registered partnership
  • Unmarried partnership
  • Alimony (partner and child)
  • Parental rights
  • Inheritance
  • Name change

We are working with a fixed fee, so our clients know the cost of our service in advance. The price of a legal consultation (max. 60 minutes) is € 120.00.

Knowing your rights makes you stronger!